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My name is Sydney S. Budina and I am Real Estate Broker from Miami, Florida. I love to trade the stocks and options and I am trading from 1997.


After trying various programs that you can find out there, I decided to try some programs of Raging Bull. I tried Jason Bond Picks, Petra Picks, Penny Pro, etc. and discovered that the majority of the trading program and subscriptions are lying, misleading, pumping and dumping stocks and not delivering what they promise. The majority of the subscriptions are fraudulent and the only thing that will happen if you purchase any membership or subscription is that they will lure you to purchase another one, but in the end, 99% of the subscribers and members will lose all their money. I decided to purchase one membership more because the marketing was convincing. I purchased Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts (Raging Bull) for $2,999 in December 2017. After a few days of trading and constant loss of money, I realized that that the program is the same scam as the other ones. I stopped going to the chatroom and in a few weeks later, at the beginning of 2018 and I canceled the automatic payment on my account. I was very close to file a complaint and ask for a refund, but I decided not to do so and just to assume the loses.


I never received any cancellation confirmation email from Biotech Breakouts and unfortunately, I didn't take a snapshot of the cancellation (how I always do, especially if we are talking about $2,999).


When I received an alert from my bank on 19th of December 2018 (1 year later) that Biotech Breakouts charged me another $2,999 for a renovation, I was really angry. I went into the Biotech Breakouts account and for some reason, the autopay was turned on once again. I am not sure that it was because Raging Bull changed the system in 2018 or because somebody made the change without me knowing. I canceled the autopay once again and I tried to contact immediately Kyle Dennis in the chat room, he just ignored me and laughed. After he blocked my access to the chat, I decided to email the customer service. Daren, Isabel, and Jordan started communicating with me (now I know of course that they don't exist and their photos are fake...).


"Daren" proved to me that I am right and lied to me saying that he canceled the autopay now and that Biotech Breakouts will not charge me in 2020 ??? He could not cancel the autopay this time because I canceled that a few hours earlier. So he just proved that they are manipulating the system.


At this point, I started to do on online research about Raging Bull, to contact other victims to see if I am alone who was scammed and I started to publish all my findings through the social media. I should do this research years ago and I could avoid a substantial amount of money. I realized how big this scam is and how many victims and unsatisfied customers are out there. I started to file complaints and I decided to start to publish online everything what I found about Jason Bond (real name Jason Kowalik), Jeff Bishop, Kyle Dennis, Petra Hess, Raging Bull, etc. 


Then "Jordan" (Head of support of Biotech Breakouts) was trying to threaten me when he realized that I filed various complaints and that I posted online a lot of testimonials, reviews, comments and tweets about Raging Bull Scam.


I just simply asked for a refund of something that I don't want, the same day that it was processed for whatever reason and either Kyle nor customer service (who ever it is) cared. No refund policy is one thing and individual approach to each customer complaint another one. I was a little bit surprised how a company that is based on doing online marketing so long has no idea how powerful the Internet and social media today can be and how the bad publicity can destroy them.


Anyway. It was a very easy way to go out of this problem for Raging Bull at this time. Just make a refund and close the chapter, but then "Jordan" has started to threaten me with his arrogant and ignorant approach and asked me to sign confidentiality contracts, NDA's, etc. if I want to receive a refund. He asked me to remove all published info in exchange for $2,999.


At this point knowing everything that I discovered about Raging Bull fraudulent scheme, I decided to refuse to sign anything and just feel that the only right thing to do is that I have to continue to publish every single testimonial of every victim that I find online and let the maximum people know who this company is and what they are doing. I hope that this way a lot of people will be able to save some money or invest with other more serious companies. Raging Bull had the opportunity to give me back $2,999 at the moment when I asked for it and it could end here. 


That was the last drop for me. They had the opportunity to make a refund and made it right. They have chosen to treat me like an idiot and they lost his opportunity.  He (doesn't matter if it is Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop or another person who was communicating with me as a "Jordan") they should be smarter than that especially if they are pretending to have a customer service representatives who deal with complaints of the customers.


After that, all the communications stopped until I received a Cease and Decease letter from Adam M. Schachter from Gelber Schachter & Greenberg, P.A. from Brickell, Miami, Florida, who was threatening with a defamation lawsuit. I was a little bit surprised that this attorney firm, that has an office very close to one of my previous offices, retained as a clients Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, and Raging Bull. I am sure that if they would do a little bit due diligence they could realize who Raging Bull is. They don't have evidently idea what defamatory lawsuit represents and defending Raging Bull? They don't have a case here and I am sure that they know it, but it looks like money talk...but that is up to them. It is their reputation in play here.


After a few legal consultations confirming that Raging Bull and their attorney can do anything about real testimony of their victims, I decided to build a support system for every single victim of  Raging Bull Scam. I have a lot of free time and I decided to dedicate my time to create a place on each social media platform where all the traders can see the victims testimonials. We are reaching right bow around 5,000 traders per day, so I am sure that a lot of traders decided to spend their money elsewhere. If you were one of the victims or you need any information, feel free to contact me anytime. w


My goal is to let traders know about this company and have enough people that can testify if needed to let Raging Bull spend a lot of money in legal fees in the near future. I hope that they will spend everything that they made stealing from people.


I discovered later through other victims that they used this attorney office already threatening another person who was publishing the real stories from the victims and I had to corrected my opinion about the Adam M. Schachter and Gelber Schachter & Greenberg, P.A. thinking that they don't know who they are defending. They know it very well because they were and are defending Raging Bull, Jason Bond, and Jeff Bishop and similar type of fraudulent companies in the past. 


Conclusion: It just helped to motivate me to start researching and publishing any information I can find about Raging Bull. the owners and employees and their products and I will not stop until all the victims that I will be able to contact have all their money back.


My goal and purpose of this website are to allow anybody who is or was in the past a victim of this fraudulent company to contact me, share their story and eventually start working on the class lawsuit against them.


My second goal is to let every single trader know about Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, and Raging Bull through the social media posts, comments and messages. 


If you have an experience, are one of the victims of this company or lost money because of the illegal advice received from them, feel free to contact me anytime. Just let me know if you want to have your story published or you prefer to do so anonymously. You can contact me through any of the following links:






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